Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wear RED to Say NO Rezone!

Wear RED to Say NO Rezone!

Although the GPA items ("Excessive" office space allocation, building heights, "Developer" Benefits program) are postponed to April 21st, today (March 17th) BetterCupertino and Cupertino Residents for Sensible Zoning Action Committee (CRSZaction) will continue their presentation against reckless profit-driven high density development in Cupertino.

Time: 6:45pm, March 17, 2015
Location: Cupertino Community Hall (next to the library)
Wear RED to Stay STOP to Rezoning and Over-development.

Please check our facebook for more frequent updates: facebook.com/BetterCupertino.

We encourage everyone to attend and speak during Oral Communication at the council meeting on the traffic congestion and crowded schools that we and our children experience everyday. The council members will be able to make more informed decisions only if they listen to the residents who elected them and the very people whose daily lives are affected by the decisions they make.

In every area of Cupertino, west, east, south and north, traffic congestion is getting worse every day and accidents are more frequent.

In every school in Cupertino, either the tri-school area of the east, the west, or the middle, schools are more crowded with less open space and less facilities.

The "Developer" Benefits program in exchange for height will only worsen the conditions and the taxpayers will have to pick up the bills to fix the broken infrastructure.

We will be able to make a difference if we continue to voice our opinions together. Together we can save Cupertino from greedy developers.


Sunday, March 1, 2015

Growthzilla is on the Loose Again!

Growthzilla is on the Loose Again!

Prevent Developers from Destroying Cupertino and Our Schools.
ACT NOW! Attend and Speak at Council Meetings to urge them to
    - Respect Current Zoning
    - Save Our City from Community Benefits, which only benefit developers.

ACT NOW! Attend Next Council Meeting: March 3 at 6:45pm.
Place: Community Hall, next to Cupertino Library.
Wear RED to support CRSZ (Cupertino Residents for Sensible Zoning) and BetterCupertino.

The Council only pays attention when residents show up in large numbers at meetings. They do not believe in any online petition or paper petition. When more than 300 residents showed up on November 10 and then again on December 2, the Council promised to delay GPA to allow the residents more time to provide inputs. Yet, they broke their promise! The Council is now still pushing for taller buildings in exchange for the so-called community benefits, which we, the tax payers, have to pay several times over in the future to fix the problems they create, in traffic, schools and many other issues.

The residents are very disappointed with the Community Workshop on Feb. 4 and the online GPA survey. Both are designed to manipulate public opinions to approve more high density development in Cupertino.

Vigilance is required. We will continue to fight to preserve the quality of life in our beloved Cupertino. Please join us!