Tuesday, August 1, 2017

CALL to ACTION: Wear RED TONIGHT (8/1/2017) to Protect Oaks Shopping Center

CALL to ACTION: Wear RED and ATTEND the Tuesday, 8/1/2017 Cupertino City Council Meeting!

Subject: Redevelopment of Oaks Shopping Center, across from De Anza College, into high-rise towers

Greetings Better Cupertino Supporters!

It's time for us to take a stand to protect our beloved Cupertino from being exploited and transformed into congested hybrid-urban centers in a transit desert. ATTEND the Cupertino City Council meeting on Tuesday, August 1, 2017 to COMPEL the City Council to FOLLOW the General Plan and REJECT requests from the property owner of the Oaks Shopping Center to increase the density beyond the 45 feet (approximately 4-stories) permitted there today.

Your presence at the City Council meeting is very important since the City Council represents the citizens and they need to hear your voices.
Together we can COMPEL the City Council to REJECT requests from the property owner of the Oaks Shopping Center to add office and hotel uses to the site.

Plan to WEAR RED and attend the meeting Tuesday night and speak on Agenda item 16, even if just a few sentences to say that you SUPPORT the EXISTING density maximums and land use specified in the General Plan for the Oaks Shopping Center site! The builder can add housing and 4-5 times the density built out on the site today with NO ACTION required by the City Council!

Cupertino City Council Meeting
Cupertino Community Hall (next to the Library)
10350 Torre Ave
Tuesday, 8/1/2017, 6:45 pm
Note 1: The meeting agenda is FULL and the Oaks Shopping Center will not be discussed until Item 16. Consider following the meeting from home until Item 14 or 15 is introduced, then join the meeting in person. You may email BetterCupertino@gmail.com with your email and/or cell phone and we will email and/or text you to send you updates.

Note 2: Wear your Better Cupertino T-shirt or other RED clothing to show your respect for Cupertino’s General Plan. RED’s not your color? Then please wear any color other than BLUE. The opposition plans to attend in their BLUE clothing on Tuesday. No BLUE!

Why Attend?

  • Cupertino is our home. Most of us put our lifetime investment in Cupertino because we love the suburban, family-friendly lifestyle offered here.
  • The supporters of high-density development will be relentless in their efforts to urbanize Cupertino. Today it is the Oaks, but where does it end?
  • If we don't speak up and protect Cupertino from being exploited by mega-wealthy developers and investors, who will?
  • Without any changes to the General Plan, the Oaks property owner can already  build to 4-5 times the existing density. But they want to build up to 14 times the density, by requesting exceptions. Who benefits from the traffic, strained resources, and over-crowded schools that are sure to come with such dramatic density increases?


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