Tuesday, August 30, 2016

BC-News: Fight Against Bullying by Developer-Employed former Council Members

** Urgent Request: Immediate action appreciated. **
Fight Against Bullying by Developer-Employed former Council Members
     - Don't Let Sand Hill Censor Our Ballots! Again.

Dear Cupertino Area Residents,

On August 25, 2016, two former Cupertino Council Members, employed by the developer to promote Vallco office park Initiative, filed a lawsuit to try to censor voters' arguments about Measure C from the November ballot. Measure C is formerly Cupertino Citizens' Sensible Growth (CCSG) Initiative, submitted by citizens to encourage sensible growth for the citizens of Cupertino and to give citizens a voice in the future direction of growth in Cupertino.
  • One plaintiff is a paid consultant of Vallco’s developer, Sand Hill Property Co. (SHP), and the other is the paid Public Affairs Manager for Vallco.
  • Besides these two individuals, other former Cupertino Council Members have also been actively lobbying and promoting the massive office park at Vallco in a competing Measure D, sponsored by Developer SHP.

The CCSG Initiative (now Measure C) gives the decision power for the future direction of growth back to the Cupertino voters. Unlike citizens in other cities overflowing with massive developments, Cupertino voters have a chance this November to make a choice:
Sensible Growth versus Growth determined by City Council and special interests.

We need to protect our right to make such a choice without interference from developers and their lobbyists. The City Council already adopted a misleading and deceptive ballot question for CCSG Initiative following requests of SHP’s attorneys. Now the developer-employed former Council Members are suing the grassroots citizens to silence them again. Enough is enough!

Let’s stand up together with the supporters of CCSG Initiative.
Their actions represent people power, at the core of American culture. When facing strong opposition, we don’t give up and we fight back.

  • If you support their actions to advocate for true community engagement, please donate to show your support.
  • If you appreciate their dedication to fight against powerful and resourceful developers against all odds, please donate to show your appreciation.
  • If you want to send a message to City Council that citizens' voices matter, please donate to give your voice power.

If you stand by and let other citizens be bullied by developers and their attorneys, who will be bullied next? You and me, who simply want Cupertino to retain its charm and lifestyle.
The massive office park at Vallco is just a beginning. There are 7 other projects waiting to be approved or to submit their proposals.

Cupertino residents. Do we get pushed aside by big developers who spend millions to force more and more massive projects down our throat? Let’s stand up and say
Enough is enough!

Let's take our city back. Donate and volunteer at BetterCupertino.org.

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

BC-CCSGI News: Do You Want to Live in a Crowded and Noisy Urban City?

Do You Want to Live in a Crowded and Noisy Urban City?

Dear Community,
   We take some things in life for granted, but will they disappear before we notice it?
   What we appreciate about Cupertino that sets it apart from more crowded cities might disappear as more and more high density developments creep into our beloved city.

   As suburban Cupertino gets transformed into an urban city, our night won't be quiet any more since our streets will be filled with traffic well into the night, like most streets in an urban city. Our streets won't be safe for our kids to ride bikes to schools anymore since the streets will be filled with impatient drivers who have been stuck behind the wheels for an extended period of time. We will become one of the impatient and stressed drivers as our daily commute become longer and longer.
   Our daily lives don't have to become more crowded and more stressful. Our beloved city does not have to transform into a crowded urban city. Unfortunately, the City Council and developers in town have made decisions for us. They have decided to turn Cupertino into an urban city and the massive office development at Vallco leads the way. 

   Fortunately, we still have a chance to stop it. A group of concerned residents at BetterCupertino are working hard to inform other residents about upcoming changes. We don't have to accept a more crowded and stressful life. Together we should be in control of our beloved Cupertino. We live here. We decide.

   Unfortunately, the developers are sending their paid out-of-town canvassers to go door to door to provide deceiving information to Cupertino residents. Our City Council is doing nothing to dispute the misinformation spread by the canvassers for developers. BetterCupertino needs your help.

   If you don't want to live in a crowded and noisy urban city, please 
   The City Council allocated massive office space to Vallco in 2014 without sufficient public hearing, even when the Council was already aware that Apple Campus 2 would worsen traffic congestion and housing crisis. 
   We are standing against the City Council who granted 3 times more office and removed 160 senior housing units to Main Street project without sufficient justification.
    Your donation is a loud voice against a City Council who bent over at developer's requests again and again.

    Was the City Council responsible? Or ignorant? Incompetent? Irresponsible? Or simply corrupt?

   Your donation is a testimony to the City Council that citizens are united to demand a responsible City Council that doesn't bend backwards in favor of developers.
   Please volunteer or donate to BetterCupertino today to unite with other citizens in our fight for a better Cupertino.
   Donate at http://tiny.cc/bc-donate.
   We Live Here. We Decide.

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