Thursday, May 7, 2015

Information Meeting: Save Cupertino from Uncontrolled Growth

Information Meeting: Save Cupertino from Uncontrolled Growth
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Theme: Vallco and GPA items: Office Allocation, Building Height, Community Benefits
Time: Sunday, May 10th and May 17th at 1:30-3:30pm
Location: Sunflower Learning Center, 19220 Stevens Creek Blvd

The GPA items postponed from Dec. 3rd meeting will be on the City Council agenda on May 19th. Once approved, these items will put Cupertino on a fast track to urbanization. The future of Cupertino will be very different. All residents should be informed of these potential changes and how they might impact our lives.

  • Why should we attend the May 19th City Council meeting?
  • What is GPA? How will that affect your life and your pocket?
  • What’s Community Benefits? How does it relate to Vallco and our schools?
  • Is Vallco a done deal? Facts and myths. Is it zoned for retail-only or mixed use?
  • Haven’t we attended a meeting last November or December for housing or GPA? Again?
  • What’s the city council’s vision for Cupertino? A suburban city or an urban city?
  • Who is CRSZaction (Cupertino Residents for Sensible Zoning) and BetterCupertino? Our Goals?

We will first share what we know of the complex issues on Vallco and GPA items, in particular, office allocation, building height and community benefits. How we got involved in this process and what we hope to achieve.

Then, we will open for Q&A to clarify any questions to the best of our knowledge.

We will have a rally at 6:15pm on May 19th, right before the Council Meeting. Please join us and wear RED to support us.

We support growth: sensible growth, controlled growth with realistic plans for infrastructure enhancement.
Together we can help make the future of Cupertino better and sustainable for the residents who live here.

From the team at CRSZaction (Cupertino Residents for Sensible Zoning Action Committee), BetterCupertino. and
Paid for by Cupertino Residents for Sensible Zoning Action Committee, PO Box 1132, Cupertino, CA 95015, FPPC #1376003

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