Friday, April 29, 2016

Amend the Ballot Question of CCSG Initiative to Comply with Elections Code

Here is the address to email City Council:

Please request the Council to amend the ballot question for CCSG Initiative to comply with Elections Code to be a "true and impartial statement of purpose" and not "likely to prejudice" voters against the CCSG Initiative. Until 4 pm today, April 29, 2016, the City can still amend the regular May 3rd City Council meeting agenda to add an item to amend the ballot question for the CCSG Initiative and remove the deceptive language. After 4 pm today and until 4 pm on Monday, May 2, 2016, the City can amend the ballot question for the CCSG Initiative if the City Council chooses to call a 9 pm City Council meeting to immediately follow the regular City Council meeting on May 3rd.
It would be an expensive embarrassment for Cupertino if the City Council must be compelled to comply with the Elections Code through a lawsuit, especially when their March 31 and April 5 decisions regarding the ballot question language contradict the text of the CCSG Initiative and the content of the General Plan amendment that this sitting City Council approved in  October 2015 (Resolution 15-087). Unless the City Council acts now to repeal the deceptive language they introduced into the ballot question during the March 31 and April 5 City Council meetings, the Taxpayers will pay to undo the City Council's poor decisions in the courtroom. Both City Attorney Mr. Hom (on April 5) and the City's outside counsel Mr. Perlmutter (on March 31) recommended against putting "increase building heights" in the ballot question of CCSG Initiative because introducing prejudicial language about building heights would likely not be considered compliant with Elections Code 9051. 

Supporters of CCSG Initiative are encouraged to donate to fund the necessary legal actions to ensure that the City Council follows Elections Code 9051.  Donate at

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