Thursday, June 2, 2016

BC-CCSGI News: Survey, Information Meeting, Donation

NOTE: BetterCupertino is the grassroots citizens' group that submitted Cupertino Citizens' Sensible Growth Initiative. The Cupertino Citizens' for Sensible Zoning Action Committee is a committee under BetterCupertino. Read more about BetterCupertino and what they've done in the nomination paper of CREST Award.

Protect Cupertino from the Exploitation of Profit-Driven Developers and their misinformation Campaign.

Topics: (scroll down for details)
>> Sunday Information Meeting on Development Issues by BetterCupertino.
>> Take Survey for Vallco Initiative by June 8 - Please forward to anyone.
>> Monday June 6 - Council meeting where Vallco Initiative could be adopted as is!
>> Report Circulators with questionable behavior to Secretary of State since Vallco Initiative only got 473 more than required signatures.
>> Sand Hill's flyers says "We Could Be Surrounded by 4-story Houses." Total Fabrication!
>> Donate to Help the "Little People" Fight Against the Smear Campaign by "the Powerful and Resourceful"!

Stand Together for a Better Cupertino. Protect Our Quality of Life. We Live Here.

>> Sunday Information Meeting on Development Issues by BetterCupertino
How could Cupertino evolve gracefully? How to balance our quality of life with economic growth? Why the initiatives in November election will determine the future of Cupertino? Why you should pay attention since the consequence of no action may not be what you would expect.
Time: Sunday June 5 and 19, 2-4pm
Location: O'mei Academy, 10070 Imperial Ave, Cupertino (across from Post Office, first street west of Bubb.)

>> Take Survey for Vallco Initiative by June 8 - Please forward to anyone.
Vallco Town Center initiative sponsored by SandHill has collected enough signatures. The city could choose to adopt the initiative as is or put it on the ballot for Nov. election. Developers are very likely lobbying the city council to adopt the initiative right away without election. Please take one minute to take the simple 4-question survey and comment to voice your opinion. Better Cupertino will present the result to the city council.
Survey: Real time survey results:

>> Attend Monday June 6 Council meeting where Vallco Initiative could be adopted as is!
Sand Hill's Vallco office park Initiative collected 3,679 signature, but only 79.1% or 2,912 were valid signatures. Only 11.7% of the 24,753 registered voters. On Monday June 6, the City Council has the option to adopt the Vallco office park Initiative even without waiting for 9212 Report.

In comparison, CCSG Initiative collected 4,204 signatures and 89.4% or 3,759 signatures were valid. The volunteer team of circulators for CCSG Initiative collected almost 30% more valid signatures than Vallco Initiative. 

The Vallco Initiative only collected 473 signatures more than the 10% required. If you have signed the Vallco Initiative because you were misled by the circulators, it is important that you report your encounters to California Secretary of State:!report-violation/lj9m4.

>> Sand Hill's flyers says "We Could Be Surrounded by 4-story Houses." Total Fabrication!

15-year old Charlie "could" drink alcohol today, but the likelihood of him drinking any alcohol is zilch since he is not legally allowed to drink and Charlie knows to follow the law.

Your neighbor "could" build a 4-story house today (regardless of whether CCSG Initiative is adopted), but it is unlikely since it is not allowed under the zoning code and the City Council most likely would ask your neighbor to follow the law. The adoption of CCSG Initiative doesn't make it any more likely to build 4-story house.

The building height, setbacks and other design parameters are limited by the Zoning Code in various zones, including residential neighborhoods. No one can build 4-story houses today since the Zoning Code only allows 2-story buildings for residential neighborhoods. Therefore, Sand Hill's claim is a fabrication.

Sand Hill's flyers never told the truth about the Hills at Vallco. Sand Hill's flyers now fabricate lies about CCSG Initiative. It is up to the educated voters of Cupertino to see through the smear campaign and see the truth.
Why does the City Council and developers fight so hard against CCSG Initiative? Is it because CCSG Initiative would protect Cupertino from exploitation of profit-driven developers and the Councilmembers who are heavily influenced by them?

>> Donate to Help "little people" fight against the smear campaign by "the powerful and resourceful".
Sand Hill actively manipulated the City Council to railroad CCSG Initiative with the deceptive ballot question meant to prejudice the voters. CCSG Inititave Maintains Existing Building Heights, incl. Neighborhoods (30 feet). There is no ambiguity. 

The transformation of the Ballot Question from Law-biding to Prejudicial - Maneuvers of Developer through the City Council - is a manifestation of the alarming problem in Cupertino and the troublesome problem of representative democracy. Read this blog to see how the City Council is influenced by Sand Hill's attorneys.

Donate to help us, the "little people", to fight against the smear campaign of Sand Hill to show the voters the truth. Donate the amount of your last family meal in a restaurant and you've taken one significant step in helping to protect Cupertino. 

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