Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Tuesday Approaches

Black Tuesday Approaches...

City Council to Sell Cupertino to developers

at an awesome discount

Welcome to all our new subscribers. It is good to see that  more and more people are signing up for The more connected we are, the easier it is to communicate and make our voice heard to the City Council. We continue to grow, but we need to grow larger and faster.

I hope all have enjoyed a pleasant Thanksgiving, and that everyone enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with friends and family. Now it is time to get back to work.

The city council continues to provide contradictory information on their website. The agenda for the December 2 meeting does not include discussion of the general plan amendment, while, in a separate notice, the city announces that the general plan amendment discussion will be held during the Dec 2 city council meeting. Is this being done on purpose, or is the city council simply incompetent?

We, the residents of Cupertino, have a very serious task ahead of us. It will require persistence and dedication on our part, because city council seems to have planned to break down our resistance by delay tactics. We must show up in force on Tuesday, December 2 to both the rally and the city council meeting. When we show up in large numbers, we will likely be told the GPA is not on the agenda. The city is holding a war of attrition against the residents, waiting to approve their plan the moment the turnout is light. THIS IS THE HIGH REGARD IN WHICH OUR CITY COUNCIL APPEARS TO HOLD US.

Here is the message we must get across - 
1. Approve the minimal housing element required. There should be no other aspect of the GPA approved until there is sufficient community input
2. Spread the housing allocation evenly over Cupertino. 
3. No rezoning of Vallco without a development plan that meets the approval of the residents.

We must grow in strength from delay to delay that the city council implements. Our numbers must grow, and our dedication to the issues at hand must grow. We must also make it clear to the city council that, in the event that our wishes are not heard, we will start a referendum process to take this matter out of the hands of a city council and return it to the residents. We should also make it clear, that, by California law, we have the right of public recall as recourse against a city council that has put the benefit of developers over the benefit of its residence. City council will most likely laugh in our faces. It seems they don't think very highly of us.

Please, talk to your friends and neighbors. Let them know of the situation we are in. Urge them to show up for the December 2 rally, rain or shine, and stay for the city council meeting. Our message is in our numbers. and our numbers will grow by word of mouth.

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