Thursday, November 20, 2014

Information Workshop: Bread and Circuses

Information Workshop: Bread and Circuses

First of all, welcome to all the new subscribers. We are continuing to grow at a rapid pace, but not rapid enough to have a solid impact on the city council. We urge all of you to talk to your friends and neighbors to get them involved in the discussion. Please make a drive to get all of Cupertino subscribing to this site, so information can be rapidly communicated to the entire community

First of all, some good news. We are approaching 100 subscribers to this site. I tip my hat to all of you for getting involved. Lets work to get more and more residents involved.

This evening was the Information workshop by the city. There was an excellent and vocal turnout. Well done, all of you who participated. The message given was that the city council wants our inputs. We gave them our inputs.
No Housing allocation in Vallco.
No Rezoning of Vallco
Spread the housing allocation evenly over the whole city

The school districts told us they are happy with the growth.
The highest rate of growth is in Cupertino High School, where city council wishes to place the bulk of housing. This does not bother the school district at all.

They want to write a blank check to the Vallco Developers. There is no need for a plan. The city council seems to believe that Sand Hill group will do a great job.

The city doesnt think it is a problem that the Sand Hill group changed the approved senior housing in the Rose Bowl to apartments. The city does not seem to mind subsidizing the developers.

From previous news - the San Jose Mercury News is starting to pay attention. We want the media reporting on this as much as possible, and for them to get involved they need to see that this topic as real impact. Go to their internal affairs web page and post your opinions. As the number of posts there increases, the editors and publishers will recognize there is a story here in Cupertino. The higher the visibility, the less City Council can hide behind the developers, the more they will have to support the desires of the residents.

Keep up the good work. Keep up the good fight!

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